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Ambassador Network

Connect with hand-picked local and international experts

We built our Ambassador Network, a community of experts, to help our members find the right people, with the right insights, at the right time.

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Meet our ambassadors

Bartosz Weryho

Founder, Spartan Gyms

Eugene Orlovsky

Founder, Perfys

Ivan Čurković

Director, Atellior

Bhairav Patel

Founder & CEO, AtomCTO

Mirela Jusupovic

Founder, Split Nomad Gallery

Ben Smith

Founder, Ben Smith Architecture

Luka Grubor

Co-founder & CEO, Restate

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Our curated Ambassador Network is a host of incredible individuals who have disrupted their respective fields including finance, technology, education, design, and media. Find out more and get ready to change the game.

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