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On November 25th (Friday) at 6:00 PM, Smartspace proudly hosted the 136th OpenCoffee Split meetup, featuring a captivating lecture titled “How I Became a Venture Builder” by Tomislav Grubišić.

Tomislav ventured into entrepreneurship during his student days, and he is best known as the co-founder of Degordian and Bornfight agencies.

During his talk, Tomislav shared key events and lessons from his entrepreneurial journey, shedding light on why he decided to lead Bornfight in the direction of a venture builder – a company that “produces” startups.

The presentation also delved into the details of the venture building model and its advantages for entrepreneurs who join the venture.

Smartspace is thrilled to be the venue for this exciting event, which brings together aspiring entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts, and industry experts. We take great pride in providing a conducive environment for knowledge exchange and networking.

Join us on this special occasion to gain valuable insights into the world of venture building and to hear Tomislav’s inspiring story. It’s a unique opportunity to learn from a seasoned entrepreneur and discover the potential of the venture building approach in the startup ecosystem.

We look forward to welcoming all attendees to the 136th OpenCoffee Split meetup for an evening of knowledge, inspiration, and meaningful connections. Let’s continue to foster a thriving entrepreneurial community together!