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Split Tech City recently held a successful annual members meeting at Smartspace, celebrating the addition of almost 30 new member companies compared to the same period the previous year. The event brought together a diverse group of digital nomads, internationals, and locals from various fields, including programmers, designers, entrepreneurs, education specialists, and scientists.

The gathering provided an excellent opportunity for networking and getting to know one another in an informal and relaxed setting. With no formal program or strict rules, attendees had the chance to introduce themselves and showcase the diversity within the tech community.

The event also highlighted the continuous growth and progress of the Split tech community, fulfilling the core goal of Split Tech City in fostering connections and supporting local businesses. Smartspace, as the venue for the event, provided an intimate atmosphere in the heart of the city, adding to the positive and encouraging ambiance.

The pictures from the gathering captured the enthusiasm and camaraderie among the attendees, reflecting the spirit of unity and collaboration within Split Tech City. As the tech community continues to expand, the event at Smartspace reaffirmed the commitment to creating a supportive and thriving ecosystem for tech entrepreneurs and professionals in Split.