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Recently, Smartspace coworking had the privilege of hosting an engaging lecture by Konstantin Mirin, the Executive Director of Postindustria Group, who relocated to our city a year ago and established the Split branch of Postindustria, named Sigmoid Lab.

The lecture titled “7 Ways to Kill Your Digital Product” attracted young and experienced digital entrepreneurs eager to gain valuable insights.

“In today’s presentation, I’ll share with you some ways of thinking and acting that will likely lead your products to failure. I’ve experienced each of them firsthand,” emphasized the speaker in the introduction.

What Not to Do?

Konstantin’s first advice to those who wish to “kill” their product was not to be focused on their work 24/7.

“Let things work out on their own!”

Furthermore, for those who don’t want to succeed, Konstantin suggested leaving the product creation process to junior team members.

“Trust that juniors, covering multiple roles, will manage to complete the entire project through night work in a garage, based solely on your instructions!”

Neglecting marketing until the product’s launch is also not a good idea.

“Focusing solely on the number of app downloads and relying on monetization solely through advertisements or subscriptions is a sure path to failure!”

Based on Konstantin’s experience, it’s also not advisable to postpone problem-solving for later or to self-finance the product without relying on external investment sources.

First-hand Advice and Practical Solutions

Throughout the lecture, Konstantin shared examples from his own experiences to illustrate the mentioned points.

A particularly valuable aspect of the presentation was not just the advice on what NOT TO DO, but also the recommendations on how to avoid such situations and ensure the success of our digital products.

At the end of the lecture, Konstantin kindly shared books with us that offer a wealth of knowledge on the topics he covered.

As the host of this insightful event, Smartspace Coworking remains committed to providing a collaborative platform for professionals to gain expertise and exchange knowledge. We aim to continue organizing such valuable sessions that contribute to the growth and success of our community members.

Join Smartspace Coworking’s dynamic community and stay tuned for more enlightening events and opportunities for personal and professional development. Visit our memberships page to learn more and become part of the innovative journey!