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Following his first presentation on the fundamentals of investing, which left the audience in awe, Toni Vitali returned to deliver yet another captivating talk for all those interested in the world of investments.

This time, Toni delved even deeper into the topic with his presentation titled “How to Get Started with Investing,” held on July 25th at Smartspace coworking.

Once again, the interest was overwhelming, and not even standing for over an hour was a challenge for anyone.

Challenges of (Not) Investing

Toni began by revisiting the foundational principles of investment, followed by explaining how to apply these concepts in the real world.

He discussed exchange-traded funds (ETFs), portfolio construction, broker selection, and the challenges and issues that he described as common on the path of investing.

A River of Questions

After the presentation, the audience showered Toni with questions, and he patiently and effortlessly addressed each one.

It was fascinating to see attendees from all generations – from high school and college students to young entrepreneurs, employees, and even those approaching retirement age – all engaged in the discussion.

Smartspace coworking was thrilled to host Toni Vitali once again, and we are delighted to continue providing a platform for insightful discussions on topics that resonate with our diverse community. As a place of knowledge exchange and growth, Smartspace Coworking remains committed to supporting the pursuit of financial literacy and personal development.

Stay tuned for more inspiring events and educational opportunities at Smartspace coworking by following our social media. We invite you to be part of our vibrant community, where learning knows no boundaries and meaningful connections are forged. See you at our next event!