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Step into a mesmerizing world of urban landscapes and anthology works of Croatian modern architecture, as seen through the artistic eyes of four talented designers and illustrators: Goran Radošević, Ivan Milas, Ivan Perkov, and Nikša Vukša. The exhibition beautifully captures the architectural landmarks of Split from the Yugoslavian era, offering visitors a unique and artistic perspective on the city’s rich history. Smartspace coworking is delighted to be the host of a captivating exhibition by the esteemed pop-up art gallery, SPLIT NOMAD GALLERY.

A Journey Through Architectural Landmarks:

As the host venue for “CITYSCAPES,” Smartspace Coworking welcomes art enthusiasts, history lovers, and architectural connoisseurs to experience this exceptional exhibition. Delve into the world of Croatian modern architecture as the talented artists skillfully portray the essence and significance of Split’s architectural heritage.

Goran Radošević, Ivan Milas, Ivan Perkov, and Nikša Vukša, each with their distinctive artistic style, take visitors on a visual journey through the city’s iconic landmarks from the Yugoslavian era. Their illustrations and designs breathe life into the buildings, telling stories of an era that shaped the city’s identity.

A Fusion of Art and History:

“CITYSCAPES” is a remarkable fusion of art and history, where the past and present converge. Through the lenses of these talented artists, Split’s architectural treasures are transformed into art pieces that evoke nostalgia and admiration for the city’s legacy.

Smartspace Coworking, as a platform for creativity and innovation, is honored to host such an exhibition that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Split. The collaboration with SPLIT NOMAD GALLERY underscores our commitment to fostering a dynamic community that appreciates art, culture, and history.

Engaging Events and Artistic Conversations:

In addition to the exhibition itself, Smartspace Coworking will be organizing engaging events and artistic conversations, bringing together art enthusiasts, designers, and the general public. This interactive experience will offer visitors a deeper insight into the creative process behind “CITYSCAPES” and provide an opportunity to interact with the talented artists behind the captivating artwork.

Embrace the Beauty of “CITYSCAPES”:

We invite you to immerse yourself in the beauty of “CITYSCAPES” at Smartspace Coworking. Discover the architectural gems that define Split’s history, beautifully portrayed by Goran Radošević, Ivan Milas, Ivan Perkov, and Nikša Vukša. Experience the charm of Croatian modern architecture and gain a newfound appreciation for the city’s enduring legacy.

Don’t miss this extraordinary exhibition that celebrates art, history, and architectural heritage. Join us at Smartspace Coworking to experience “CITYSCAPES” and explore the city’s iconic landmarks like never before.

To learn more about “CITYSCAPES” and other upcoming events at Smartspace Coworking, foolow us on social media. Join our vibrant community and be part of our journey in celebrating art, culture, and creativity. We look forward to welcoming you to this enriching and inspiring exhibition!