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In a captivating exploration of the future of technology, Smartspace recently hosted a visionary panel discussion organized by CroAI & Split Tech City. The event was a melting pot of knowledge and innovation, shedding light on the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on diverse sectors. With an esteemed lineup of panelists, the event offered a rare opportunity for tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders to gain invaluable insights and explore the limitless possibilities of AI.

Meet the Visionary Panelists:

The panel discussion was graced by four distinguished experts, each a trailblazer in their respective fields:

  1. Ivica Puljak: As the Mayor of Split and a physicist, professor, and science advocate, Ivica Puljak shared his vision of promoting science and its invaluable role in Croatia. His passion for bridging science and technology brought a unique perspective to the table.
  2. Federico Cristoforoni: Co-founder of Net Zero Insights, Federico is a driving force in climate tech market intelligence. His expertise in leveraging AI for environmental sustainability showcased how technology can address pressing global challenges.
  3. Nikola Bojic: Hailing from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Nikola is a designer and researcher at the forefront of technology and the future. His involvement in international projects and initiatives presented worldwide brought a global perspective to the discussion.
  4. Mislav Malenica: Founder and director of Mindsmiths, Mislav’s expertise in AI, human behavior modeling, and game theory added depth to the conversation. His insights into the applications of AI in understanding human behavior offered a glimpse into the future of customer experience and decision-making.

Exploring the Transformative Potential of AI:

The panelists engaged in thought-provoking discussions on the transformative potential of AI across sectors such as healthcare, climate technology, urban planning, and consumer experiences. They shared inspiring success stories of how AI-driven solutions have revolutionized industries and improved the quality of life.

Emphasizing Collaboration and Innovation:

Throughout the event, the importance of collaboration and innovation emerged as central themes. The panelists highlighted how collaborative efforts between academia, industry, and government can foster groundbreaking technological advancements and drive societal progress.

A Catalyst for Technological Advancement

As the host of this visionary panel, Smartspace Coworking reaffirmed its commitment to being a catalyst for innovation. By bringing together these visionary minds, Smartspace provided a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration, fostering an environment where technology and ideas thrive.


The panel discussion on AI and technology was a resounding success, leaving attendees inspired and excited about the future. Smartspace Coworking’s dedication to creating opportunities for meaningful discussions and networking underscores its position as a hub for professionals embracing the cutting edge of technology.

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