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In an age where designs transcend borders, our resident Ben Smith, an architect with foundations in London and Split, held a private exhibition that illustrated his impact in the field. This Cambridge-educated visionary celebrated a remarkable milestone: over 100 completed projects in the UK and the start of his architectural practice in Croatia.

The invitation-only exhibition, hosted at Smartspace, showcased the depth and breadth of Smith’s work. Those in attendance were given a special treat: an exclusive preview of Ben’s upcoming book! This much-anticipated publication captures a decade of architectural marvels, giving readers an intimate look at the structures and spaces that have defined Ben’s illustrious career.

What made the event particularly captivating was the gathering of an international assembly, reflecting the global appeal of Smith’s designs. Attendees from countries as diverse as the UK, USA, Switzerland, Australia, and Spain converged to honour and appreciate Ben’s achievements. This eclectic crowd bore testimony to the fact that architecture, at its best, resonates universally.

The event was not just a testament to Ben’s professional journey but also a tribute to his personal relationships. The room buzzed with stories, laughter, and admiration as old friends reconnected and new acquaintances were made. Partners and investors, who have been intrinsic to his success, exchanged tales of their collaborations, solidifying the sense of community around the architect’s journey.

As the founder and lead architect of Ben Smith Architecture, his studio’s accreditation as a RIBA-chartered practice underscores the quality and professionalism inherent in his work. Specializing in both residential and commercial spaces, his designs seamlessly meld form and function, a testament to his expertise.

Smartspace is thankful for being the venue of choice for this marvelous event.