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We’re excited to share a brief recap of yet another incredible gathering at Smartspace Coworking, organized by the Foreign Business Owners Association (FBOA).

Presentation by Mirela Rus – Break Time Croatia Nautical Bracelets:
The highlight of the event was an insightful presentation by Mirela Rus, founder of Break Time Croatia Nautical Bracelets. She shared valuable tips on “How to sell a physical product in Croatia” which left the audience inspired and informed.

Key Highlights from Mirela’s Presentation:

  1. Engaging the Locals: Mirela emphasized the importance of involving locals in the business. Their support and feedback can be instrumental in establishing a strong presence in the market.
  2. Building a Brand: Mirela revealed how their brand name initially held no significance, but through consistent effort and messaging, Break Time Croatia Nautical Bracelets transformed into a recognized and beloved brand.
  3. Location Considerations: For those considering a physical retail space, Mirela advised conducting thorough research. Visit the area during peak seasons and different hours to observe foot traffic and customer behavior. Understanding the flow of visitors can influence the success of the location.
  4. Shipping and Importing Tips: Mirela recommended DHL for importing goods and highlighted the preference for DPD within the EU for customer shipments. For international shipping, Hrvatska Pošta was her preferred choice.

Member Introductions:
We had the pleasure of welcoming two new members to our vibrant community:

  1. Piero Palevsky from PatientPoint, bringing valuable expertise to our diverse network.
  2. Tanja Polegubić, representing Saltwater, adding exciting perspectives to our growing community.

Smartspace Coworking is thrilled to collaborate with the Foreign Business Owners Association (FBOA) to facilitate such engaging and informative meetups for our members. We believe in fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange, and this event was a shining example of the innovative spirit that defines our community.

For those who missed this fantastic July gathering, don’t worry! Stay tuned for our upcoming events, organized in partnership with FBOA, and opportunities to connect, learn, and grow together.

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