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In a collaborative effort to continue the tradition of knowledge sharing and gathering QA experts in the Split region, Sigmoid Lab (Postindustria Group) and Alen Stojanović are bringing back QA Meetup to the local IT community.

To kickstart this revival of the QA tradition, the organizers are hosting an event titled “Introduction to Cypress,” featuring a presentation by Ivan Tadin, Senior QA Engineer & Tech Lead @ Keeper Solutions.

Participants were immersed in the world of Cypress, a rising competitor to Selenium, and explored its capabilities and limitations as an automation tool. Ivan demonstrated how to install Cypress as a standalone project or integrate it into modern frontend codebases like React, Vue, and Angular. Live coding sessions and discussions on creating test suites using Cypress Runner added a practical touch to the event.

As the host venue, Smartspace Coworking provided the perfect backdrop for the QA Meetup, offering a collaborative and inspiring atmosphere. The turnout was impressive, with QA enthusiasts from various backgrounds, including freelancers, small agencies, and tech giants, coming together to learn, share experiences, and expand their professional networks.

Throughout the evening, the vibrant discussions and valuable insights underscored the strong sense of community within Split’s tech and IT ecosystem. Participants engaged in lively conversations on the latest advancements in QA testing, exchanged tips and tricks, and explored practical use cases.

The success of the event was evident not only in the enthusiastic participation but also in the sense of camaraderie that developed among attendees. Smartspace Coworking takes immense pride in having been a part of this thriving QA Meetup, which continues to foster a culture of collaboration, learning, and innovation within the tech community.

As the evening concluded, participants left with a wealth of knowledge and new connections, excited about the future of QA in Split. Smartspace Coworking remains committed to supporting such impactful initiatives that contribute to the professional growth and development of the tech community.

Missed the “Introduction to Cypress” QA Meetup? Don’t worry! Smartspace Coworking is continually working to bring you more engaging events, workshops, and networking opportunities. Follow our social media and join our vibrant community to stay informed about upcoming events.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Sigmoid Lab (Postindustria Group), Alen Stojanović, and all the participants for making the revived QA Meetup a resounding success. Together, we will continue to shape the future of tech and innovation in Split!