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Smartspace was abuzz with excitement as it proudly hosted the highly anticipated exhibition opening by the talented artist Petar Reić, organized by Split Nomad Gallery. The event marked a significant milestone, as it was the first time that current works by the artist were showcased in Split.

The gallery walls came alive with Petar Reić’s captivating artwork, mesmerizing visitors with his unique artistic expression. The exhibition featured diverse pieces, showcasing the artist’s versatility and creativity across different styles and themes.

Petar Reić’s art resonated with a wide audience, attracting art enthusiasts, collectors, and curious minds from the local community and beyond. The exhibition’s success was evident in the large number of people who attended, each captivated by the artist’s ability to evoke emotion and spark imagination through his works.

As the host venue, Smartspace was thrilled to provide a platform for such a talented artist and to support the artistic community in Split. The collaboration with Split Nomad Gallery reinforced Smartspace’s commitment to fostering creativity and promoting local art and culture.

Throughout the exhibition, guests were immersed in an artistic journey, exploring the depth and richness of Petar Reić’s creations. The vibrant atmosphere and engaging conversations among attendees exemplified the power of art in bringing people together and sparking meaningful dialogues.

The success of the exhibition also highlighted the growing interest in contemporary art in Split and the region. Petar Reić’s debut in Split left a lasting impression on both seasoned art enthusiasts and those new to the art scene, igniting a renewed appreciation for creativity and self-expression.

Smartspace extends its heartfelt gratitude to Petar Reić for sharing his exceptional talent with the community and to Split Nomad Gallery for curating a remarkable exhibition. The collaborative efforts of all involved made this event a resounding success.

As Smartspace coworking continues to support local artists and creative initiatives, we look forward to hosting more enriching exhibitions and events that celebrate art and culture. We invite everyone to join our vibrant community, where creativity thrives, connections are nurtured, and innovation knows no bounds.

To stay updated on upcoming exhibitions, workshops, and events at Smartspace Coworking, follow our social media. Together, let’s continue to celebrate the art and culture that enriches our lives and strengthens our community.