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On June 27th (Tuesday) at 6:00 PM, Smartspace coworking will be the proud host of the esteemed 137th OpenCoffee Split meetup.

We are delighted to welcome Gregor Rebolj, the remarkable Slovenian entrepreneur, as the keynote speaker. As the first Slovenian startup founder to achieve an IPO in New York, Gregor’s achievements and insights are truly inspiring. His journey from building Kliku, an innovative laboratory that later merged with Sportradar and went public on NASDAQ with a staggering valuation of 8 billion dollars, is an incredible success story.

Smartspace takes immense pride in being associated with Silicon Gardens, the leading Slovenian startup community. With over 450 founders, entrepreneurs, and experts from various fields, Silicon Gardens is dedicated to fostering growth and support within the startup ecosystem.

As a coworking space committed to promoting innovation and collaboration, Smartspace is excited to provide the perfect setting for events like the OpenCoffee meetup. Our mission is to create an environment that fosters creativity, networking, and professional development. Join us on this special occasion as Gregor Rebolj shares his invaluable business experiences, from his journey with Kliku to co-founding Silicon Gardens.

This event is not only a celebration of entrepreneurship but also a testament to the vibrant and dynamic community we have cultivated at Smartspace. We look forward to welcoming all attendees for an evening of knowledge, inspiration, and meaningful connections. Together, let’s continue to build and support the future of the entrepreneurial landscape.

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