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On June 15th, we hosted the second Women in Tech meetup of the year organized by Split Tech City. The engaging panel discussion, titled ‘Different Stories, Same Experiences’, was skillfully moderated by Sara Dyson from Expat In Croatia. We had the pleasure of welcoming three remarkable women, Alessia Amanzi from Profico, Maja Giljanović from Agilno, and Stela Zorić from GetByBus, who shared their experiences with an eager and curious audience.

The Need for Women-Centric Tech Meetups

Women in the IT sector are still in the minority and often face unique challenges that their male counterparts may not even consider. Recognizing this disparity, our meetup aimed to shed light on these experiences and provide a supportive space for women in tech.

The Inspiring Stories Unfold

Throughout the evening, the panelists regaled us with fascinating tales from their careers, offering intriguing glimpses into their personal lives as well. From childhood aspirations to how they landed their dream jobs, the discussions covered a wide array of topics. Our goal was to gain insights into career development across various branches of the tech industry.

Diverse Paths, Common Ground

Alessia, a talented designer, Maja, a savvy marketer, and Stela, a dedicated QA specialist, showcased their diverse experiences and skill sets. Despite their different backgrounds, they also shared common ground, as they navigate their respective paths in the tech world.

Fostering Exchange and Inspiration

Meetups like these provide an ideal platform for exchanging experiences and mutual inspiration. While the focus was on empowering women, we were thrilled to see male attendees who came to support their female colleagues and learn from their stories.

Embracing Diversity at Smartspace

At Smartspace coworking, we celebrate diversity and inclusivity. We are proud to have hosted this Women in Tech meetup, offering a safe and encouraging space for meaningful discussions and valuable connections.

Join the Journey

We extend a warm invitation to all tech enthusiasts, regardless of gender, to join our dynamic community. Together, let’s continue to foster collaboration, learning, and growth in the ever-evolving world of technology.

To explore more engaging events and opportunities at Smartspace coworking, visit our memberships page. Be part of our journey in empowering women and embracing diversity in tech. We look forward to welcoming you to our vibrant community!